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I hate surprises when i'm shopping online, so i'm going to try to hit some of the important parts of a transaction here.

How to order:

order online
email me at

Shipping fees:

shipping fee / purchase
$2 / $0 - $9.99
$4 / $10 - $19.99
$5 / $20 - $29.99
$7 / $30 - $39.99
free / $40 and up

International Shipping:

email me


Pendants are mailed in gift boxes and padded envelopes unless otherwise specified.

Payment types:

Paypal and credit cards is the preferred method of payment, and the only one accepted in online purchases. I can also accept personal checks and money order, but I will not send items until personal checks clear. Email me if you would like to send checks.

I am not responsible for any payment lost in transition.

Do NOT mail cash.


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