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I used to keep thumbs and individual "add to cart" buttons for all my prints, but that's just not going to work. XD

Here's the deal on prints. You can order ANY picture in my deviantart gallery in the following format(s):

  • Poster (13x19 inches) - $10
  • Photo-quality 5x7 in - $5
  • Photo-quality 4x6 in - $2

How To Order:

send me an email at with the subject "neverblue prints". include this info:

  • name (from my deviantart gallery) of the picture(s).
  • print size
  • address to mail print to

I will send you a paypal invoice and mail the print after the invoice is paid. If you don't have paypal or credit/debit cards, let me know and we'll work something out.

Print editions/signing:

I do NOT run numbered or limited edition prints (with the exception of 3 very old pieces). All my prints are signed (unless otherwise specified) and unlimited. I do this because I can print them at relatively low costs, which means I can afford to sell them at low prices, which means I don't have to deny anyone the ability to own one of my prints due to too high or limited editions. I didn't become an artist to make myself inaccessible. :3



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